Saturday, March 28, 2009


As a little girl with a kitten

With my brother Anton. She bought him the pink shirt, XXL.

On her wedding day in a cape and white boots

Last day with her first grandchild

Camping in Big Sur, she couldn't believe the stars

She had a pony when she was little. The pony had a cart.

Sailing in the Netherlands, I was 16.

She ran away to go to college. It was worth it.

In Paris in berets. Cracking ourselves up.

Dancing in the kitchen at my wedding, 3 months before


  1. I love reading about your mother, Bree. She seems like she was quite a woman! How beautiful ...

  2. bree, the photo of your mom with her granddaughter is beyond beautiful....brings tears to my eyes. i see your blog and the memory of your mother as a book one day....(even if its just for ellis)